Introducing BumpyBot

Learn about BumpyBot, a new domestic robot for your family.

Risk Mitigation


A New Domestic Transporter

BumpyBot is a mobile carrier capable of intelligently navigating indoor environments, avoiding collisions, and performing autonomous household tasks.

The idea originated from the need for a highly agile, at-home robot with the strength to help with the transportation of people and items.

  • Intelligent navigation. The robot is equipped with a LiDAR sensor and an RGB-depth camera to visually inspect and navigate within its surroundings.
  • Adaptive travel. Torque sensors in its omni-wheels allow Bumpybot to traverse various environments while also responding to tactile feedback and ensuring safety for both the robot and all who interact with it.
  • Built for strength. BumpyBot is a high-performing household robot that is strong enough to carry the weight of a person.
  • Dynamic perception. Our robot is skilled enough to navigate through tight spaces and dynamic situations, such as crowds of people.

Whereas traditional carrier robots have focused on mobile delivery of food and products and rely on simple navigation commands, BumpyBot has adaptive capabilities and demonstrates smart movement by utilizing prior knowledge of the home and how people interact with that environment. The result is a robot that succeeds where others fail: BumpyBot can intuitively and safely respond to dynamic, fast-changing conditions while fulfilling all of the typical needs of a household or transport robot.

The BumpyBot difference.

BumpyBot can observe, monitor, transport and retrieve without getting stuck, lost, or in the way. This robot was designed for social environments from the ground up, and can maintain both the strength and ease of use of other delivery robots while demonstrating social awareness and safety precautions that make BumpyBot ideal for home or sensitive environments. BumpyBot succeeds where no others have before as it maintains the strength of traditional delivery robots while still executing unique navigation skills and incorporating safety measures to ensure response at any form of contact.